Elisabeth Ekstrand


About me

I have experienced many things during my artistic life; amongst others, I have often taken coffee and discussed spultures issues with Henry Moore. In Italy, I had my ass pinched by Botero in Pietrasanta and eaten lunch with Wilhelm de Kooning in New York and been at a vernissage party with Louise Bourgois. In Pietrasanta, I was sitting next to my spiritual mentor Isamu Noguchi during a dinner at fourth of Juli.

I have travelled to many parts of the world, I have been a guest professor in China, from where I also have two large sculptures in Tianjin and Chanchun. I have participated in group exhibitions in amongst others: The British Museum and The Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

My commissions in Sweden: The Porphyry fountain at Medal Museum, Stockholm and three stairwells in Tensta to name a few. During my 25 years in Pietrasanta, I have learned everything about the world´s rocks and stones and how to process them.

I like constructive, serial motifs with light, movement & direction etc. My works often have fundamental musical themes as a point of departure.

If I make a wrong cut, and start bleeding in my hand, I put the clinic pure marble dust in the wound.

“When cutting the stone on its stand in my studio, I am a very happy person”




Stensymposium in Chanchun
China – 1997

Sveagalleriets installation

Stockholm – 1989

Curriculum Vitae


Uppdrag – Comissions


  • Sandsborgs Rondell, Stockholm – 1992, tävling
  • Fontän i Porfyr ”Vattenporfyr” för statens konstråd – 1994-1996 
  • Tre trappuppgångar ”Rythm ad libitum” marmorreliefer för Boverket/Familjebostäder – 1994, 1995 
  • Inbjuden tävling för Trångsunds Pendeltågstation – 1995
  • Inbjuden till Stensymposium i Tianjin, Kina – 1996
  • Inbjuden till Stensymposium i Chanchun, Kina – 1997
  • ”Sälen och snigeln i samtal” Röd granit/ Afrika, grå granit/USA, Vistaberg, Huddinge – 2013
  • ”Häst och änder i vila” Röd granit/Afrika, rosa/grå granit/Italien, grå granit/USA, Södra Hedvikslund, Älta – 2017

Representerad – Represented


  • Statens konstråd
  • Landstingen i Karlskrona, Stockholm och Dalarna
  • Stockholms Stads rotlar
  • Örebro Kommun
  • Konstföreningar bl a Apoteksbolaget och Handelsbanken
  • Privata samlare
  • Kungliga Myntkabinettet
  • Medaljmuseet i Colorado Springs, USA
  • Museo, di Bosetti, Pietrasanta, Italien
  • Quindau Museum for Art, Kina
  • Staden Chanchun, Kina


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